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Florida LLC FAQs

Frequently asked questions regarding forming an LLC in Florida and LLCs in general.

  1. What are the differences between a Florida LLC and a Florida S corporation? - Generally, the 2 best choices for small businesses to consider are becoming an LLC or a Florida S corporation.

  2. What is the ownership structure of a Florida LLC? - Owners of a Florida LLC are called members.

  3. What is Limited Liability Company Taxation? - Limited liability company taxation operates on a pass through status.

  4. How many people are needed to form a Florida LLC? - You can form an LLC with one or more than one person.

  5. Is an attorney required to form a Florida LLC? - Find out who can form an LLC.

  6. What are the restrictions of forming a Florida LLC? - The Federal government places some restrictions of forming LLCs.

  7. What are the advantages of Limited Liability Corporation? - Tax advantages and limited liability top this list but there are more.

  8. What is a Florida LLC? - Basic overview of a limited liability company.